Interested in Membership?

While membership in any Rotary club is by invitation, and current members are encouraged to sponsor new members in their circle of acquaintance, we also welcome prospective members to let us know of your interest directly. We encourage you to visit one of our club meetings, socials, or service projects as our guest to get to know us.

Once you have had a chance to attend a meeting or two, our Membership Committee will talk further with you about your interest and membership costs and obligations. Officially joining includes providing information about yourself and having the Board of Directors of the club and club membership endorse your application, then upon induction and payment of dues, we will welcome you as a new member! The Membership Committee also provides new member orientation sessions and support for getting involved as an active part of the club.

What’s expected of members?

As part of Classic City Rotary, you will be asked to pay quarterly dues (which include dues for Rotary International and our district, as well as our club operations and weekly meetings); to be active, attending our meetings and events (with a goal of 50% attendance); and to use your skills and talents to enhance our club and our service activities.

What are the membership types?

Classic City Rotary’s Board has approved multiple membership categories, including individual membership, shared / group membership (2-3 members whose attendance and payment obligations and bundled), and a “young Rotary leaders” category, among others.

Membership categories and dues

Are You Interested in Joining Rotary?

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